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Roof replacement La Canada

Roof Replacements save Thousands

When a homeowner sees the costs associated with a new roof, one can imagine the thoughts that start racing in their minds. La Canada Contractors, help homeowners address the idea of what a roof replacement might cost, and how to finance the roof replacement in order to prevent long term damage to your home.


A roof leak can cause major damages to the wood that’s under your homes structure, and even more significant damage to the attic and ceiling of your house. Most homeowners rarely notice the leaks until its late, and replacing the roof is not even an option for most homeowners. La Canada Contractors work with homeowners and 3rd party financing companies to provide affordable options for homeowners to choose from if the need arises for the roof to be replaced.

If we can repair, we won’t force a replacement!

La Canada Contractors in association with Novel Remodeling providing honest home improvement without pushing unnecessary products for homeowners that do not need it. If your roof is new, and in great shape, we will do everything we can to repair and amend the roof. Most of our competitors shoot for a new replacement every project they get. We rather repair your roof and earn your business for the long run!

When to Replace your Roof?

La Canada Roofing Experts advise homeowners that if your roof has been layered more than two times, a replacement should be considered. It’s often times that the 3rd layer fails and leaks/water damage destroy sections of your home.

How much is fair for a roof replacement?

Depending on the type of contractor, the quality workmanship and what legal documents they offer just in case something goes wrong can determine a great roofer from just an ordinary one. La Canada Contractors offer assurances for quality roof work and will stand by our work for leak prevention and further assessment. Find out costs and project details today by calling us or requesting a free inquire! Ask questions, get to know us before you get your roof replaced!

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Novel Remodeling in La Canada serves most of San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Our contractor provides free quotes to homes in Sylmar, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Glendale, and even parts of Pasadena.  

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