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Novel Remodeling in La Canada serves most of San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Our contractor provides free quotes to homes in Sylmar, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Glendale, and even parts of Pasadena.  

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Importance of Sealing your Home

If you recently purchased a home and have not taken the necessary steps to inspect the home for air leaks, you could be paying extra for energy and discomfort. Before we move forward, let’s discuss how uncomfortable it can be for new homeowners with hundreds of air leaks around the house. During the winter, deal with cold weather can be challenging. The air flows inside their cracks, between the doors and windows, and even the roof. During summer, most homeowners with bad air leaks cannot cool the house fast enough as the house is leaking so much air. It’s like blowing a balloon with a leak in it, wouldn’t work well. That’s why La Canada Contractors in association with Novel Remodeling working hard to help homeowners understand, and do the necessary home improvements to patch and insure leaks are repaired.

Caulking your leaks

Caulking is one of the most useful sealants available in the market today which is affordable, and covers the areas affected to reduce and eliminate air leaks. Most homeowners are afraid of high costs associated with sealing homes. It can be expensive, but caulking is an affordable way to get this done without breaking the bank.

Blower Door Test

Blower Door is a machine used to test the airflow of your house and detect air leaks in order to repair. This test is required to air certify your home for leak free and is a great addition when you are purchasing or selling your home. Every new homeowner should do a blower door test and start with minor repairs because that’s valuable hard earn money being blown away.

Home Inspection

Home Inspections for newly purchased homes are often a big deal for homeowners and we understand the seriousness. Our home inspections go over options, help address concerns regarding home improvement and air testing. We help answer questions, go over repair projects for now and the future and offer financial advice on how to tackle large projects. Our home inspection last roughly 1-3 hours and can be as thoroughly as the inspector feels necessary. Call us today for questions or concerns.

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