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Novel Remodeling in La Canada serves most of San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Our contractor provides free quotes to homes in Sylmar, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Glendale, and even parts of Pasadena.  

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Getting Started with your Bathroom Addition

Whether your home is ready for expansions, or just in the planning stages; Guest Bathrooms are a crucial part of any home. Expanding your home with a guest bathroom especially if you have only one for the family and guests is much needed. Statically, bathrooms and kitchens are known to be the most used rooms in the house. A well-built bathroom can last a 30 plus years without any issues, however, today's bathroom remodeling jobs tend to cause issues for homeowners after the first 7 years. We at La Canada Contractors have an amazing reputation for expert bathroom remodeling and bathroom additions. We provide materials, building plans, layout design, planning and expert installation. Our contractors and designers work together in passing inspections and finishing projects in a timely manner.

Why Add A Bathroom?

Adding a bathroom for your home can be beneficial for many reasons. First, it’s one of the easiest ways of adding value to your home. When you plan and pull permits for structural additions to your home, you are asking the city to inspect the area that is being added and evaluate the work once completed. A well designed and permitted bathroom can add approximately 20k to the existing value of the house.  Secondly, the added convenience of having another bathroom can be great. Dedicate this bathroom as the guest bathroom, while having your family bathroom separate. Second bathroom is crucial for families with stomach conditions as it can be difficult with just one bathroom. Whether your upgrading bathroom for financial reasons or personal, it can be one of the most rewarding additions you can do for your home.

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