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Novel Remodeling in La Canada serves most of San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Our contractor provides free quotes to homes in Sylmar, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Glendale, and even parts of Pasadena.  

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Roof Leak Damages and causes      

Roof Leaks are considered to be one of the most dangerous damages you can have for your home, and learning about how to find, repair and replace your leaks can save you thousands in the long run. La Canada Contractors offer roof leak repairs for homeowners in La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, and nearby communities. Roof leaks are very dangerous because they can cause wood damage, mold and are extremely hazardous to your health. Roof leaks can create discomfort and damage interior furniture in addition to your walls, insulation and attic.  La Canada Contractors offer immediate estimates for leaky roof to amend the damages and insure the leak is patched before more damages occur.

Causes of Roof Leaks are unusually common for most homeowners in La Canada Community. The biggest cause of roof damages is foundation shifting, which is very common for La Canada and La Crescenta community. When your foundation moves slightly, it causes shingles, and composite roofs to separate, and leaks occur when it rains. Next common reason for leaks is when your tile roof gets blown away, literally. This happens during strong winds and tiles often become loose during time. If you have missing tiles, your roof will leak and water will cause damages. Finally, our roofing contractors at La Canada Roofing Repairs call classify the last reason to nature as general. Often time’s raccoon claws your roof, or birds chip at the edges and during time it cracks. If it’s not outdoor animals, it’s the scorching sun that dries roofing materials and starts to crack. Whether it’s a small patch project, or a full Roof Repairs, Hire La Canada Contractor today and ask about our roofing special.

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