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Room Additions La Canada

La Canada Contractors for Additions

If you just purchased a home and realized its way to small, there are options available and we at La Canada contractors and our team of builders, designers, and installers are experts at expanding homes. La Canada Contractors provide licensed and permitted installation expansions in La Crescenta, and nearby communities. We are a subdivision of Novel Remodeling and work with sub-contractors to manage additions professionally without the horror stories you hear in today’s market. Work with one contractor, get your entire project and have us responsible for everyone. Better prices, fair market value workmanship without compromise.

La Canada-Flintridge Room Addition Contractors

When you consider room additions in La Canada-Flintridge, you are considering price and quality of service before anything else. La Canada Contractors work with homeowners with a reasonable budget for quality workmanship. If you are looking for unpermitted, and handyman rates, look elsewhere, but if you are interested in quality service and market value pricing, we can help you. Our additions include framing, insulation, drywalls, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and flooring for most additions. Sometimes, plumbing is excluded for bedrooms and other additions. Most homes require blueprints and architectural design plans before getting started. This is a great way to start your room addition project in La Canada-Flintridge as it gives homeowners a chance to sit down with expert designers to go over options and relative costs. It’s also a great way to determine the budget of your project based on the details you need and what our recommendations are.

Planning and Design

Blueprints | For homeowners that are interested in something different and want to determine a budget

The Essentials

Framing | Framing your addition can help create the floor plan and determine size.

Electrical | electrical is needed in almost every room to power appliances and electronics

Insulation | Crucial for homeowners comfort and energy efficiency

Drywall | Once Insulation, electrical and plumbing is placed; drywall is installed and prepared for paint/plaster.


Bathroom Remodeling include plumbing and custom installation of tiles, vanity and toilet.

Kitchen Additions include cabinets, countertops, tiling, lighting, and more.

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Novel Remodeling in La Canada serves most of San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Our contractor provides free quotes to homes in Sylmar, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monrovia, Glendale, and even parts of Pasadena.  

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